Limited Edt

Urban Islander Beach Bundle 'Olive'

$199 $277

Get off the beaten path and explore the undiscovered with the latest New Balance Urban Islander Collection by SBTG and Limited Edt. The capsule collection marks New Balance’s first-of-its-kind collaboration with two of Singapore’s most formidable streetwear authorities that have revolutionised and shaped the sneaker subculture, both locally and regionally.

Defined as an inhabitant of our sunny island with a deep interest in style, music, art and subculture, the Urban Islander is highly creative and makes playgrounds out of the streets and paths less travelled. The concept also epitomises the contrast between Singapore being an urban city that is at the same time, the perfect tropical beach getaway.

This product is in Men's US sizing.

What's Included:
New Balance + Limited Edt x SBTG 900 'Urban Islander'
Urand Islander Socks
New Balance  + Limited Edt x SBTG Urban Islander Tote Bag
New Balance + Limited Edt x SBTG Urban Islander Microfibre Towel (Olive)

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