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Dusty Scuffs Marker


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The Dusty Scuffs marker features a semi-dry, oil-based paste that will mark on light or dark coloured surfaces, allowing you to replicate that aged leather look without years of wear and tear. The application is instant, fast-drying, and waterproof. Dusty Scuffs is alcohol soluble and can be removed with acetone from undesired surfaces. 

The sponge tip allows you to disperse a natural, 'dusty' application on any porous surface of your sneakers with ease. It can be applied to leather, canvas, suede and other porous material. 

Depending on how lightly or heavily you decide to use it, one Dusty Scuffs marker will apply dusty scuffs on anywhere between 5-15 pairs of sneakers. 

Product Colour: Dusty Scuffs
Product Code: DUSTY-SCUFFS

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