Zouk is a 30-year-old nightlife brand known for pushing boundaries of dance music and propelling Singapore on the global map. Ranked Asia’s best club on DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 Clubs list since 2017 and top globally since 2010, Zouk is Singapore’s foremost clubbing institution, delivering the freshest in dance music across genres, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, a constant roster of stellar international, regional and local residents, and top-notch service and hospitality.

MANDEEP: We are honoured to have some of the resident DJs to be involved for this campaign. Can you all give us an insight into the music you love and play.

  CHE'MOLLY: It is hard to pick something in particular to express my love for music as it has always grown alongside me. If I had to pick a specific genre, it would be currently be Melodic Techno. I mainly love tracks with lots of melody. Melodic Techno tracks usually range from a lower range BPM like 112, all the way to about 126bpm. They are typically not too fast paced and are easier to enjoy in a chill setting, which really suits my vibe. I love tracks that sound slightly dark with a thick baseline, accompanied by really organic sounds that make me feel like I’m in a forest party!

Obviously we still have restrictions due to the pandemic – how much do you all miss doing your sets live in front of the crowd?
  I miss it 200%! I recently came back from Europe and festivals are happening there, clubs are open as per usual. It was really, really nice to be in that environment, dancing on the dance-floor filled with happy faces – what a vibe! But of course, I miss being behind the decks more. It is such a privilege to have control of the whole party. I really miss the energy I used to get from the crowd. It is so saddening to not be able to be in my element.

Being a female DJ, you are part of a growing sisterhood. What motivates you and has it been more difficult to earn the respect of your industry peers?

  The start was definitely not easy, although I guess it was really due to my own insecurities of what people may think of me as a newcomer to the profession. Time has allowed me to earn the acknowledgment and respect of others. I gradually learned that this was my personal musical journey and that I didn’t need anyone’s approval. I usually get my motivation from watching other DJs perform. It is really inspiring to see how they can piece their set together with all those different elements of sound. Of course, it is definitely better to get to know the DJ. Talking to people who are passionate about what they do really motivates me to do better.

  How would you compare the new generations of DJs and any advice for aspiring DJs.

  Well, I have no comments about how the new generation of DJs stack up, but if you’re asking for any advice, I would stick to the adidas' slogan - Impossible is Nothing! Believe in yourself even on the bad days, keep practising, keep being curious about what music is out there, don’t limit yourself to a certain sound because music is ever-changing, and most importantly, develop a good habit of sorting your song library! Haha, I learnt that the hard way.

30 years from now, if you had a crystal ball, how do you think the future will look like and will music still be at the centre of all you do?

  It’s really hard to picture what anything would be like in 30 years but I know for sure that music will still be a huge part of my life. If I had that future-telling crystal ball, I’d love to see my name on Beatport’s top charts, killing it every month!


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