Managing Director of Limited Edt, Mandeep Chopra singlehandedly cultivated the sneaker scene with the banner's first store in 2003.
Since then, the brand has grown to serve both local and visiting sneakerheads with over 17 stores islandwide.
Limited Edt boast a lineup of collaborations with many major brands like adidas, all of which are inspired by different aspects of Singapore.

  MANDEEP: I was honoured to be interviewed as part of the Life Need Equipment* campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of the adidas Equipment range.

  To see pictures of my grandfather and father being published in the book, along with our shared history with adidas was very heart-warming for me. They are the reason why I do what I do. It fills me with pride that the family business has been providing for the sporting needs of Singapore for over 70 years now. It is my legacy and I am only hope we can continue to provide for future generations.

  When we were tasked to work on the adidas Equipment Race Walk - a more obscure model built for the sport of Race Walking - I took it as a challenge to give this retro shoe a new life together with my designers.

[Narwat Singh, Father of Mandeep Chopra, taken in 1992]

  I handpicked some amazing individuals to help celebrate this collaboration and it was my turn to interview them. The lineup features a 93 year old former Singaporean Olympian who took up Race Walking at the age of 89, the resident DJs from Zouk who are also celebrating their 30 year anniversary, Singapore favourite son and his multi-talented daughter, professional racing drivers and 2 key clogs in our family business who help run Weston Corporation.

  They may represent different aspects the shoe, our heritage, the era of the design themes but they all share common stories of perseverance of doing what they love. Their journey may be different but they have inspiring messages to anybody who is interested.

  Lastly to celebrate the launch of our shoe, my family legacy and to showcase all these stories, we created a fictitious 90s inspired pop-up store, LE Sporting Goods at Peninsula Shopping Complex which is affectionately known as a mall stuck in the 90s to truly bring nostalgia to anyone.

  I look forward to seeing you there from 25 October 2021 to 7 November 2021.  

* Visit the Life Needs Equipment website to learn more about the campaign.

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