ASICS + Ice Studios GEL-Kayano 14 'Blue Bell'

ASICS and Ice Studios, led by famed Dominican-American photographer Renell Medrano, announced their first ever footwear collaboration. Medrano drew on inspiration from her childhood and focused her creativity on ASICS’ popular early 2000s performance running model, The GEL-KAYANO™ 14. 


“Growing up my parents had most of the family rocking ASICS. I remember wearing them when I was young and I actually still have the pairs my parents would wear back in the day,” said Medrano. “I was drawn to the GEL-KAYANO™ 14 because it sits right in the middle of sporty and stylish – that’s how I would describe my personal style.”

Further, inspiration for the footwear design came from Medrano's childhood infatuation with blue, red and yellow and also, ice.  These colours come through in the photos she creates and she cites an even deeper connection with ice, both now and during her childhood as if it follows her everywhere.

For the footwear, she selected a bold blue for the base with bright yellow accents to draw the eye toward the heel, putting a spotlight on the iconic ASICS GEL® Technology and her creative group Ice Studios.ASICS COLLECTIVE  

This ASICS and Ice Studios collaboration marks the third product drop as part of the ASICS Collective, following Awake NY Founder and Creative Director Angelo Baque and Denim Tears founder Tremaine Emory’s 2021 releases.

Established in partnership with Baque, the ASICS Collective brings together industry creatives who are each designing their own ASICS shoe. Collective members include the aforementioned Medrano and Emory along with BornxRaised streetwear founder Spanto and Jess Gonsalves, co-founder of New York’s popular vintage store Procell.



Originally launched in 2008, the GEL-KAYANO™ 14 running shoe has been reintroduced over a decade later and has become one of ASICS most impactful sportstyle models. Featuring the original tooling, design language and unmistakable GEL® technology, the shoe remains largely unchanged.


MEMBERS CALL IN: 18/08/2022 6PM (GMT+8)

Members may call in to CHAMBER, Wisma Atria to reserve their pairs.

LAUNCH: 19/08/2022 10AM (GMT+8)

Available at CHAMBER, Wisma Atria and