Introducing: Wasted Collective

Part of our LE Initiatives program to a more sustainable future, Limited Edt is proud to spotlight The Wasted Collective.

Wasted Collective, the product line from Potato Head founder Ronald Akili, launches their latest product, Earth Shoe 01, using Rewalk™️ Mold Technology. Available at Limited Edt at 313@somerset, and Limited Edt at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Earth Shoe 01 comes in four colourways – Volcanic Black, Sand White, Moss Green and Ash Grey. 

Founded on the commitment of waste re-imagination, the Waste Lab at Potato Head Bali has looked to utilise the hub’s output with experimental and boundary-pushing product development. Aiming to find circular solutions throughout the design process, Wasted Collective’s latest venture sees the creation of Earth Shoe 01, trainers produced using waste reclaimed directly from the shoe production line.

Earth Shoe 01 is designed for all day comfort and constructed from recycled mesh, polyurethane, plastic and vinyl - the embodiment of Wasted Collective’s philosophy ‘From existing waste to reduce future waste.

Rooted in community, Wasted Collective began their ‘Wasted Neighbourhood Clean-Up’ initiatives this April, a ‘walking’ way to start the conversation around waste issues across Bali, Singapore, Tokyo and London. An extension of Ronald Akili’s ‘Good Times, Do Good’ mantra, the clean-ups engage local DJ’s and community radio stations to continue Wasted Collective’s education mission, expanding their reach and inspiring global change.

Join us on our Neighbourhood Clean Up.
The Wasted Collective, together with Limited Edt, is hosting a Wasted Neighbourhood Clean-Up on 9 December. Every purchase of a Earth Shoe 01 entitles you to an invite to hang with us, and untrash Singapore!



Available at Limited Edt at 313@somerset, and Limited Edt at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands


INVITE-ONLY EVENT: 09/12/2023, 4PM - 6:30PM (GMT+8)

Meeting point:
Nothing Fancy, 11 Hamilton Rd, #01-00, Singapore 209182
Sounds by Ice Cream Sunday

Bags and gloves will be provided. Please bring your own water bottle.