New Balance x Joe Freshgoods MADE 990v3 'Outside Clothes'

Following the successful release of the No Emotions Are Emotionscollection in 2020, New Balance and Joe Freshgoods have teamed up once again to launch the “Outside Clothes” collection. Bringing back the nostalgia of playing outside as a child, the new collection features a MADE 990v3 silhouette and other apparel inspired by the great outdoors.

Using his unique blend of brand narrative, historical and cultural references, which allow him to create authentic connections with streetwear lovers across the globe, Joe Freshgoods has turned the 990v3 into a physical representation of the great outdoors with brown suede representing the dirt, blue mesh mimicking the sky, and green accents embodying the grass. Joe Freshgoods’ mission has always been to tell stories through his collections, and “Outside Clothes” is a nod to the impact that being outside has had on his creative process.

“I didn’t realize until last year how much the act of being outside had played a major part in my career,” said Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson. “Sometimes it takes something being taken away from you to realize what it means to you. And that’s really what inspired this shoe. To me, being told you smell like outside represents the early stages of what fun meant. From neighborhood block parties to hanging on the porch all day with your homies, you knew you had a wild day when your mom said you smelled like outside.


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