Reebok x FTMD. Instapump Fury

FTMD.’s mascot, Morris (short for Morrissey), brings us on a journey to the outdoors. Morris is always on the go; one day, he’s running around the city and the next, he’s hiking up a hill to set up camp. Morris sends us a gift in the form of Reebok Instapump Furies, to explore unknown territories, experiencing nature and what life has to offer.

Terra incognita or terra ignota (also known as unknown territory) coined by Claudius Ptolemy are terms used in cartography for regions that have not been mapped or documented. Both Morris and Ptolemy have a great sense of exploration and share a love for nature and the outdoors. This collaboration is a loose interpretation of Penang; an island in Malaysia. Penang is surrounded by the sea and sand; both pairs of Instapump Furies showcase the colours of land and water. Simply put, we went for a darker option; different shades of blue suede representing the sea and a the other, a lighter option; stucco with hints of citron and mustard representing the beach.

Optioned in Dusk (shades of blue) and Dawn (sand and citron), this particular collaboration of Reebok Instapump Fury is set apart by the trail sole added to the classic Instapump Fury design, giving it a utilitarian vibe. With the Hexalite technology that cushions impact as well as absorbs shock and the trail sole that provides additional grip, the Instapump Furies are suitable for all sorts of terrain. Each pair comes with a strap for you to buckle your Instapump Furies to your bag or tent.

Any and every project by or in collaboration with FTMD. embodies the principle behind #WearToBetterSelf, with the rationale behind the tagline being mindful of purchasing. FTMD. creates stalwart garments for urban dwellers who keep up with menswear as well as value functionality and comfort. These pairs of FTMD. x Reebok Instapump Fury are made for those who enjoy the outdoors as much as Morris does.


LAUNCH: 29/05/2021 11AM (GMT+8)

Available at LE Vault, 313@somerset and