On the fast lane

MANDEEP: Thank you for being part of our adidas Consortium x  Limited Edt EQT Race Walk campaign. One of our key inspirations of the shoe is Motorsports - the F1 Night Race in Singapore - and the luxurious interiors of supercars. To start, what is your favourite supercar?
  CLAIRE: Thats a tough one. I have more than one favourite and they both have racing DNA. The Porsche GT3 RS and the Ferarri Speciale which aesthetically has the NART stripe from a Le Mans Ferrari many moons ago.
ANDREW: For a long time, I've always admired the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Definitely one of my favourite cars out there.

 Can you tell us how you got into Motorsports?

  I was originally a Presenter for RedBull TV which featured F1 in Asia and other extreme sport, which is my background. I started hosting the karting national championships and realised I needed to physically learn the basics before I could talk the talk. I began winning local Leagues so utilised my media knowledge, found sponsors and the rest is history. I then got involved more into F1 events in Singapore and presenting on TV for international GT racing series.
I started go karting when I was 7. There wasn't much of a track around here in Singapore so it was a lot of travelling overseas to get practice in and races done. Eventually I moved to England after being picked up by the McLaren Young Driver Programme in 2013 and ended up winning the Toyota Racing Series in 2014, being the first non-New Zealander to win the series since its inception in 2004. I had to enlist into the Singapore Army shortly despite efforts to defer. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity with Porsche in 2016 as I was 6 months from completing my NS commitments and that helped me throughout the last few years.

It's been 2 years of missing out on the Singapore F1 race due to the Pandemic. Tell us what you would be up to normally in the race month of September and what do you miss most about the Singapore Grand Prix?
  I usually have very little sleep for two weeks in the lead up and during. I would be running back and forth between my kart track events, hosting back to back events and handling media, sponsors and clients for my husband who competed for the F1 support race. Oh and partying. It was epic every year.
It's usually quite a busy period in September preparing for Formula 1 - I used to race for Porsche Carrera Cup Asia as a support event for Formula 1 so there would be a lot of physical training, as well as simulator work, gearing up to the F1 weekend. I definitely miss the amazing atmosphere that we had during the race weekend. That and also, being able to drive flat out on the streets of Singapore were the highlights of my Septembers.

  How difficult has it been to train and hone your skills during the Pandemic and tell us some of your personal goals.
  Well, Motorsport in Asia is at a standstill sadly, so i refocused my energy into presenting for live e-sport racing events. I also made sure I kept fit and I train like I would for a triathlon
  It's been quite difficult to get any sort of track time during this pandemic. It's mainly a lot of physical training and simulator work as that isn't crippled by travel restrictions. The main goal is to be as prepared physically as possible for when racing restarts and to be as sharp as I can be when I get back on track.

  How do you see the future of Motorsports in Singapore. Any advise for up-and-coming or aspiring racing drivers?

  It's pretty tough for what it is right now. We have two kart tracks that can host international competitions. Most of our kids eventually end up overseas as that’s the only way to get world class training and tracks. Singapore is great for beginners. 
  When I first started go-karting, we didn't even have a FIA sanctioned go-kart circuit. My dad had to drive me to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia every weekend to get some practice and racing done. So from that perspective, I feel like we've grown a massive amount - we now have a proper FIA sanctioned go-kart circuit and hold regular go-karting races where anyone from all around Asia and Europe come to participate in. So that has definitely helped with the Motorsports scene here and the development of the young kids. The advice from me to any aspiring racing drivers would be to start off with go-karts to really master the fundamentals of driving and to enjoy it!

  This shoe was originally designed for the sport of Race Walking on the track and we notice its very low to the ground with very good feel. Do you think these would be good to take on a test drive?

  Well, race shoes generally have a thinner flat sole that allows you to really connect with what you are driving, so sounds like its the right show to track!
I definitely love the shoe and its design and it's also extremely comfortable. I think it'd definitely be one I could wear to take a car on a test drive.


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