Reebok Classic Leather x Limited Edt – September 2013

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Reebok‘s Classic Leather, Reebok has partnered with some of the industry’s most notable names over the course of the year. Limited Edt, Singapore’s most famous sneaker boutique, is the latest of the select group of retailers globally to be part of this celebration of the Reebok Classic Leather.

With 2013 being the Year of the Snake, Limited Edt dresses the classic model in a reptilian style. The design team of Limited Edt made up of Jonning Chng, Alvin Huang and Mandeep Chopra who go by the moniker JAM, set their standards to stand out from the rest by incorporating green iridescent faux snakeskin on the upper with inner portions made up of different multicoloured snakeskin, referencing how snakes moult or shed skin. This symbolises the beauty revealed after the reptile transforms its skin.