New Balance Grey Day 2022

New Balance Grey Day celebrates the transcendent nature of grey and the enduring legacy of New Balance classic running heritage. Grey is a colour synonymous with New Balance’s heritage and this year, New Balance introduce three, bespoke iterations of the 327, 5740 and XC-72 in various grey hues.

To celebrate, Limited Edt features its loyal VIP Members with the shared passion of what Grey represents.

Dexter Tan
Long time sneaker collector of 16 years, and co-founder of Sole Superior

"Grey means being versatile enough to be more than what you’re perceived to be."

Daniel Tan
‘Old uncle’ sneakerhead of 25 years

"Grey = classic. Grey colourways of New Balance will always cycle in and out of fashion according to the trends of the season, but for the true sneakerhead these are a testament of the staying power of the stalwart classics New Balance first put out decades ago."

Member since 2018, Daphne's love for streetwear and sneakers goes back 14 years. She often finds herself enjoying and experiencing the space of sneaker stores around the world. New Balance brand became a personal favourite and her go-to because you are not only able to match any outfit with little effort due to their timeless design, it also brings together ultimate comfort; which is not easy to come by.

"With Grey, the possibilities are endless."

New Balance sneakerhead

"Grey is the neutral choice for many designers. It portray a timeless look and provide a soothing and calm ambiance. With variety of shades and tints, it is easily to pair with different colours and the possible colour are endless."

Fiky Prayudi
Sneakerhead since 2010

"Grey is not black or white. You define what and how you want it. With sneakers, you’re open to interpreting it, even though it may not be something you’re used to. With Grey, it maybe chaos next, or calm. The choice is endless."

Make It Grey with Limited Edt from 14 to 19 May at CHAMBER, Wisma Atria.

Show off your style and individuality in a self-directed photo shoot at the #MakeItGrey Pop-Up Studio at CHAMBER, Wisma Atria. Read more here.

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