Introducing: Objects IV Life

Objects IV Life is a brand, reimagined through the eyes of an artist. Conceived and founded by Daniel Arsham, it draws on an artistic philosophy refined over decades to generate essential uniforms for a creative life. Part-laboratory, part-atelier, Objects IV Life seeks to radically reimagine the way that we get dressed. Combining deep research with conceptual thinking, the brand creates a new paradigm for personal style. With an ethos of radical optimism at its core, Objects IV Life believes that the clothes we wear each day harness the possibility of a better tomorrow. Through meticulous attention to process, purpose, and design, Objects IV Life reframes quotidian garments as a platform for positive innovation.Inspired by the ageing processes integral to Daniel’s art practice, the Objects IV Life patina treatment interrogates the appearances of wear inherent in the fabric. With an experimental treatment process applied to fabric in its raw state, garments are subsequently cut and constructed to possess a collage of patina and wear unique to each garment. Whilst subtle in variation, no two garments appear the same.The patina treatment has been developed to utilise significantly less water and chemicals within its process when compared to standard garment wash and dye techniques.Responsible manufacturing is Objects IV Life central tenet. Every piece in Chapter 1 is produced using carefully-selected factories in Portugal, Italy, and the United States.

Fabrics are chosen for their high quality, durability, and circular potential. Cotton is deadstock or organic; polyester is made from recycled materials; natural latex is used in place of its synthetic equivalent. We make use of bio-based fabrics such as modal and EcoVero™ viscose, which are produced using environmentally-conscious manufacturing methods. 


LAUNCH: 29/09/2022 10AM (GMT+8)

Available at CHAMBER - Wisma Atria, and